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 My goal when working with all my couples comes down to these two simple principles:

should feel natural, fun, and totally easy.

wedding photographer

I believe that working with your

When you work with me, you can trust that I have your wedding day experience at the forefront of my mind. Want to exchange vows in private? You got it. Don’t want to see each other before the ceremony? We’ll come up with a timeline that flows without a first look. Want to sneak away for photos at golden hour? We’ll make it happen! Don’t care if you get wet if it rains? Great, let’s grab an umbrella and go play! You can trust that I know the moments I have to step up and when it’s time to fall back into the crowd. Your wedding day will fly by, so your only job will be savoring every second.


your wedding in all its amazing, imperfect


You should

principle 2:

Every couple I have the privilege of working with is different, and my passion is capturing everything that makes your relationship and wedding day unique. Maybe you’re the life of the party and always on the center of the dance floor. Maybe the idea of getting married in front of tons of people stresses you right out. Whoever you are, you deserve to feel like yourself on your wedding day. As a Boston wedding photographer, I honor who my couples truly are - nothing forced or fake, just come exactly as you are. Making you both feel totally comfortable is my superpower. 

as a couple.


you are

photos that ARE TRUE TO WHO

photos that ARE TRUE TO WHO


You should have

principle 1:

as a couple.

“As soon as we started working with Kendra, it was like we had been friends for a long time.”

“Kendra captured our wedding day perfectly and we will cherish our photos forever!”

“We had the most positive experience working with kendra.”

“Kendra will make you feel comfortable and right-at-home in her presence.”

“She was organized throughout the whole process and my husband and I couldn't have asked for more!”

“Working with Kendra was an absolute highlight of our wedding process and we feel like we gained a friend as well because she is the absolute coolest.”

“She not only coordinated perfectly the timing for the morning pictures but she quite literally saved the day by sewing one of my bridesmaids dresses after the zipper popped off.”

“Kendra made it so easy to be ourselves. Choosing her as our photographer was one of the easiest decisions we made.”

“We love every single photo we got back and have kendra to thank for making our day such a breeze.”

Kind words from the best clients on earth

frequently asked questions

Are you an inclusive photographer? Do you photograph all love?

Absolutely! It is my mission and passion to provide all people with an experience that sees, affirms, and celebrates them. I truly believe love is love is love, and I strive to document your everyday moments, as well as your most fabulous celebrations with the care, compassion, and love of a friend. Your connection and comfort is at the heart of our work together. I aim for a portfolio that is authentic, so if you don’t see your love represented, please know that I am continuously working to expand my inclusivity and that of the wedding industry as a whole. My work is never done.

What if we’re not photogenic? Are we going to look awkward?

First of all, if you're a person, you're photogenic. Know that. Believe that. All you need to do is put your trust in me and enjoy being in the moment together - the rest will be a piece of cake. We leave the prom poses for prom. We’ll laugh a lot, you’ll snuggle a whole bunch, and any moments when you don’t know how to stand or what to do with your hands, I’ll guide you along the way.

Are you comfortable photographing a full range of skin tones?

Yes, I am. In both my photographing and editing, I make it a priority to accurately capture skin tones. This means I am knowledgeable about how different film stocks render color, as well as constantly aware of how to light and expose different skin tones. Not only that, but I do the necessary edits in post processing as well to make sure your skin reflects your real skin. Being a natural light and film inspired photographer means that all the colors in your images are true to life. In other words, rest assured that you are not going to end up yellow, orange, or washed out.

Do you travel for weddings? What are your travel fees? 

Definitely - though much of my work is Boston wedding photography, I'm also a New England wedding photographer! As you might have noticed, traveling is one of my favorite things, and I would be thrilled to travel for your wedding. I photograph weddings all over New England every year. I don't charge travel fees for mileage within two hours of me, but depending on the location and timing of your wedding, I may require mileage and/or accommodations. For weddings beyond New England, reach out for a custom quote. If you're having an international celebration, my passport is up to date and I'm ready to hop on a plane!

Have you photographed at our venue?

It's definitely possible! As a wedding photographer in MA, I've photographed at many venues around this area of New England. Honestly though, I love exploring new places, so if I haven't photographed at your venue, that totally inspires my creativity. Regardless of whether I've photographed at a venue or not, I always arrive early to familiarize myself with the light at the location and to scope out the best spots for photos.

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