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What it’s like to work together

Sometimes (okay, often) I eat cake for breakfast, so you can always count on me to help taste test yours. If I’m not photographing people in love, I’m probably drinking prosecco on the couch, planning my next trip, or trying to sneak new plants into the house. I’ve spent more than a decade teaching middle school, so I can charm any kiddo and wrangle even your sassiest uncle for family photos. I promise not to talk your ear off about trashy reality dating shows. Probably.

I didn’t grow up picturing my wedding day. I’ve just never been one of those people. All I knew was that I’d get married by the ocean in Maine. Lucky for me, my husband Nate is also from Maine so that part of wedding planning was easy. We met in high school so you could say AOL Instant Messenger was our dating app of choice, and now two decades and (too) many cats later, here we are. Living on the South Shore, the unceded land of the Massachusett, Wampanoag, and Pokanoket nations.


Okay, I have to start with a

Baby Kendra living her best
life on the ferry in Portland

Nothing much
has changed!
See the Love


When I say that the unplanned moments will be the best part of your wedding day, it’s because I know from my own experience. Just after I finished getting ready, my grandmother stopped by on her way to get dressed. We didn’t plan it - it was truly a spontaneous moment. You should know that my grandmother is a stoic woman. When my mother opened the door and Nannie saw me, she immediately burst into tears, overcome with emotion. Then, we were all crying. The photos from that moment are priceless. It doesn’t matter that there are signs visible on the door. It doesn’t matter she’s in a floral shirt. It only matters that I have these photos I can look at and immediately be back in that moment, in my feels. 

Let me tell you a story about my favorite wedding photos

this is the experience i want

And you will never regret living fully in these moments.

unfiltered lives.

our real, 

our real, unfiltered lives.

that is

incredible beauty

When we give up trying to control every aspect of the day, we make space for the

“We love every single photo we got back and have kendra to thank for making our day such a breeze.”

“As soon as we started working with Kendra, it was like we had been friends for a long time.”

“Kendra captured our wedding day perfectly and we will cherish our photos forever!”

“We had the most positive experience working with kendra.”

“Kendra will make you feel comfortable and right-at-home in her presence.”

“She was organized throughout the whole process and my husband and I couldn't have asked for more!”

“Working with Kendra was an absolute highlight of our wedding process and we feel like we gained a friend as well because she is the absolute coolest.”

“She not only coordinated perfectly the timing for the morning pictures but she quite literally saved the day by sewing one of my bridesmaids dresses after the zipper popped off.”

“Kendra made it so easy to be ourselves. Choosing her as our photographer was one of the easiest decisions we made.”

Kind words from the best clients on earth


I am a textbook Virgo, which is great for you because it means I am super organized, a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to editing (okay, fine, it’s more than a bit), and not afraid to politely tell Uncle Bob to put the phone away or move out of the aisle.  


I am fully obsessed with sheep! I love how fluffy they are and I spend way too much time trying to sneak up on them to get the best photos. Now matter how many times I’m in the UK, I squeal every time I see them on the side of the road. I can’t get enough. 


I love reading and listening to non fiction! As a teacher by trade I am forever a student and love learning new things. Memoirs, true crime, mysteries, history, podcasts I love it all. Currently I’m trying to expand my reading and knowledge of indigenous authors and history. 


I love traveling! It recharges me and makes me feel alive - I love to experience new places and cultures. My travels have taken me as far as climbing the Great Wall of China (almost died but that’s a story for another time) to the sand dunes of Namibia, just to mention a few. This summer I’m heading back to Italy for a 40th birthday bonanza!


Being from Maine, it probably comes as no surprise that my absolute favorite food is lobster! Soaked in butter, on a roll, it’s all delicious to me. I spend every summer trying to eat as many lobster rolls as I can. If you serve tiny ones at your cocktail hour, you can be sure I will find them. 

Fun Facts about me